Support groups

  • Cancer makes people unite. Join in and we will make the journey together.
    The cancer diagnosis can cause a variety of emotions and feelings: anxiety, fear, uncertainty, anger, and so on. At times, even relatives and friends may not understand what it means to have cancer. This can lead a cancer patient to feel lonely and misunderstood.
    Psycho-social support groups give the opportunity to share own experiences with other people who have cancer or survived it. This may help reduce the stress and offer a new perception of the situation the cancer patients are in. The support group members can share and discuss their feelings and emotions that are difficult to tell even to friends and/or family, thus finding comfort and relief through talking. Being part of such a support group often gives cancer patients a sense of being understood and supported by the fraternity.
    Psycho-social support groups:

        1. help a cancer patient feel spiritually safe and relaxed,
        2. offer a space to talk about and work on emotions and feelings,
        3. discuss body changes during cancer treatment, difficulties with treatment, and ways to adapt to them,
        4. hear experiences of other cancer patients in a similar situation and share own experience with others,
        5. build new skills and abilities to sustain a cancer patient through the cancer treatment process,
        6. improve relationships with family, close friends and medical staff through improved communication skills.

    A similar support group is periodically arranged for caregivers of cancer patients.
    Psycho-social support to cancer patients is also offered online through “Let’s talk about cancer” private group in Facebook (a closed group for cancer patients only, moderated by a psycho-oncologist, cancer survivor/patient advocate, and oncologist; member approval is upon invitation or request submission).
    Support groups are jointly arranged by the Armenian Psycho-Oncology Association and HENARAN foundation.
    Participation in the psycho-social support groups is FREE.
    For more information on psycho-social support and regularly scheduled group meetings please follow HENARAN Foundation’s Facebook page.

Postoperative drain pockets

  • These postoperative drain pockets are for multiple use and, if needed, can be used by all patients, including those receiving cancer treatment.
    Such postoperative drain pockets are provided by HENARAN foundation to the Women’s Health Clinic of the National Center of Oncology for rotational use by breast and gynaecological cancer patients for a short turnaround of max. 10 days, helping women keep up their aesthetic outlook and easily maintain personal hygiene (improves the quality of life after a surgery, very often a mastectomy, maximizes the social/societal inclusion after a radical surgery).
    HENARAN is advocating that these postoperative drain pockets, as a quality of life resource, are practiced at all medical centers, which in 2019 were licensed to perform cancer surgeries by state funding. Hospitals should finance the provision of such postoperative drain pockets, and patients (both male and female) should get it free-of-charge for rotational use and return upon recovery.
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