Breast health

  • “Breast health” project is one of the ongoing programs of HENARAN charitable foundation that has been launched in 2015.
    Nowadays the mass media offer a wide range of information opportunities. Women can find numerous articles on internet about breast diseases, treatment methods, and very often popular articles on pseudoscience and self-treatment. Unfortunately, most of them are just copied across many resources and are dubious in their accuracy, which sometimes creates confuse not only among patients, but among non-related physicians as well. By following the “Breast health” project activities, you will receive regular professional information on breast physiology, diseases, modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of various diseases related to breast. The important thing is that the materials published here will relieve you from the risk of misinformation that you often encounter, and you will not have to look elsewhere for accurate professional information about the diseases of your breast. It is enough to read regularly updated articles, follow your doctor's advice, ask specific questions, or visit a doctor for consultation and recommendations.
    Since 2015, the “Breast health” project provides information on breast health, organizes consultations and surgeries, initiates regional meetings, during which free breast examinations are done and thematic lectures are delivered. Every year medical conferences are held with the participation of leading specialists from abroad who share their experience with doctors in Armenia. The “Breast health” project will help you find everything you need to know about breast, its structure, diseases and their prevention, and you can ask any questions you may have. If you have difficulties in diagnosing breast related diseases, you may receive free consultation on breast mammography images from breast diseases diagnostic centers based in Germany and/or US. Experts, looking at mammograms, will give a second opinion, which is common in all developed countries.
    “Europe Donna Armenia”, the first patient organization in Armenia for breast cancer patients, was established within the framework of the “Breast health” project activities.
    The mission of the “Breast health” project is to help women have healthy breasts. Since its inception the project pursues one major goal: educate Armenian women by teaching them to respect their own health and body. Emphasizing the role of women in each family and generally in maintaining a healthy society, we once again call to take good care of your health, get screened, even if you have no complaints. It should be noted that one should not be afraid of diagnosis. On the contrary: the timely and regular screening is the only and most effective way to avoid the risk of late detected cancer.
    Our goal is more than just saving your life.

    “Europa Donna Armenia”, a patient organization for breast cancer patients, was established in Armenia in 2015 within the framework of the “Breast health” project activities.

    Breast self-exam flyer (Breast self-exam flyer.pdf)
    Breast biopsy flyer (Breast biopsy flyer.pdf)

CSR activity

  • Public awareness projects on breast cancer prevention and treatment options available in Armenia
    In 2017 started the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) program of on-site seminars with large employers in Yerevan to increase awareness of employed personnel.
    So far engaged 21 organizations (Ministry of Defense, IT companies, Children of Armenia Fund, etc.).
    March 14, 2018: HENARAN Foundation organized a breast health awareness seminar for employees of the RA Ministry of Defense. The seminar was organized within the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) framework and mutually beneficial cooperation between HENARAN Foundation and large employers of Armenia. The seminar was aimed at promoting the public awareness of oncological diseases, in particular the breast cancer and its possible prevention, which is one of the activities of HENARAN Foundation.
    Arthur Avetisyan, a breast surgeon and oncologist, presented to the audience of more than 100 women verified information on breast health, in particular the breast structure and its healthy manifestations and modifications, regular self-exam, breast cancer risk factors, statistics, early detection benefits and treatment options in Armenia. Some tools were also presented: website in Armenian, an online calculator of one’s probable risk of developing breast cancer in her lifetime, Youtube channel BreastAM-Breast Health Project in Armenia, short videos, and information flyers. The seminar went well in a very positive atmosphere, the audience was active and perceived the information with great interest by asking many general and individual questions. The feedback of the audience revealed that such a seminar was highly appreciated as it benefited them all and increased their awareness.
    We are grateful to the RA Ministry of Defense for exhibiting corporate care for their employees and effective cooperation with the Foundation. HENARAN Foundation is committed to promote and enhance such partnerships, as well as actively participate in sectoral reforms, attributing high importance to close cooperation of NGOs with state authorities and employers within CSR framework in Armenia.

Massage chair

  • We are delighted to launch another Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project that is jointly implemented with ViaSphere Technopark CJSC. Emphasizing the importance of establishing a partnership and exhibiting corporate care for its employees, Viasphere Technopark welcomed the idea of allocating space on its premises to operate a massage chair owned by HENARAN Foundation. The OSCE Office in Yerevan donated the massage chair to HENARAN Foundation before its official closure in August 2017. We can’t be thankful enough to the OSCE Yerevan Office for such a valuable donation.

    Within this CSR project, the employees of Viasphere Technopark and all other companies operating in the area (about 1,200 people) can use the massage chair on a self-service basis for a short period of time (5-15 minutes). Being a socially responsible employer, Viasphere Technopark provides its employees with the opportunity of having refreshing breaks during a workday through body massage, thus contributing to the healthy lifestyle of employees.

    All proceeds from the massage chair operation will be transferred to HENARAN Foundation, by which psychosocial, psycho-oncological, and legal assistance will be provided to cancer patients in Armenia, which is equally important as therapeutical treatment.

    Let's be caring and socially responsible. Do not underestimate the impact of your small contribution.

    PS. An extremely good occasion to celebrate the first anniversary of HENARAN Foundation with such a productive partnership and beautiful cause.